8th WORLD CONGRESS............MAY 20-23, 2016............NEW YORK, NY

Kris C.P. Vissers,
(The Netherlands)

President's Message

World Institute of Pain :: Pain Practice Editorial Board

Pain Practice Editorial Board

Craig T. Hartrick, MD, DABPM, FIPP (USA)

Editor-in-Chief (Emeritus)
P. Prithvi Raj, MD, FIPP, DABIPP (USA)

Deputy Editor-in-Chief   

Honorio Benzon, MD, FIPP (USA)

Editorial Advisory Board

Associate Editors  
Jianguo Cheng, MD, PhD, FIPP (USA)
Marshall Devor, PhD; Translational Research and Basis Science (Israel)
Philip Finch, MBBS, DRCOG,FFPMANZCA,  FIPP (Australia)
Robert J. Gatchel, PhD, ABPP; Behavioral Medicine (USA)
Michael Gofeld, MD, FIPP, CIPS; Ultrasound in Pain Practice (Canada)
James E. Heavner, DVM, PhD, FIPP (Hon), (USA)

Nagy A. Mekhail, MD, PhD, FIPP; Interventional Section (USA)
Andra Nicol, MD, MS; Clinical Reports (USA)
Rob J.E.M. Smeets, MD, PhD; Rehabilitation Medicine (Netherlands)
Ricardo Vallejo, MD, PhD, FIPP; Images in Pain Medicine (USA)
Maarten van Kleef, MD, PhD, FIPP; Evidence-Based Medicine (Netherlands)
Jan Van Zundert, MD, PhD, FIPP; Evidence-Based Medicine (Belgium)
Kris C.P. Vissers, MD, PhD, FIPP; Palliative Care (Netherlands)

David Abejon, MD, FIPP (Spain)

Magdalena Anitescu, MD, PhD (USA)
Matthew J. Bair, MD, MS (USA)
Pedro Bejarano, MD (Spain)
Ramsin Benyamin, MD, DABIPP, FIPP (USA)
Abram Burgher, MD (USA)

Allen Burton, MD, FIPP (USA)

Chetwyn C.H. Chan, PhD (Hong Kong)
Miles R. Day, MD, DABA, FIPP (USA)
Jose A. DeAndres, MD, PhD, FIPP (Spain)
Timothy Deer, MD, FIPP (USA)
James H. Diaz, MD, MPH&TM, Dr.PH (USA)
Sudhir Diwan, MD, FIPP (USA)
Dennis Dobritt, DO, FIPP (USA)

Juan Carlos Flores, MD, FIPP (Argentina)
Ludger Gerdesmeyer, MD, PhD, FIPP (Germany)

Robert W. Hurley, MD (USA)
Frank J.P.M. Huygen, MD, PhD, FIPP (Netherlands)
Robert N. Jamison, PhD (USA)
Leonardo Kapural, MD, PhD, FIPP (USA)
Tat-Leang Lee, MD (Taiwan)
Leland Lou, MD, FIPP (USA)
Khalid Malik, MD, FRCS (USA)

Takashi Mashimo, MD, DMSc (Japan)
Patrick R. McGowan, MBChB, FRCA, FIPP, FFPMRCA (UK)
Eleni Moka, MD, PhD (Greece)
Samer Narouze, MD, PhD, FIPP (USA)
Vikram B. Patel, MD, FIPP (India, USA) 

Ricardo S. Plancarte, MD, FIPP (Mexico)
Gabor B. Racz, MD, FIPP, DABIPP (USA)
Richard L. Rauck, MD, FIPP (USA)
Enrique Reig, MD, FIPP (Spain)
Jose R. Rodriquez Hernandez, MD, FIPP (Puerto Rico)
Andrew D. Rosenberg, MD (USA)
Ricardo Ruiz-López, MD, FIPP (Spain)
Michael E. Schatman, PhD, CPE (USA)
Ravi Shah, MD (USA)
Rinoo V. Shah, MD, FIPP (USA)
B. Todd Sitzman, MD (USA)
Philip S. Sizer Jr., PhD, PT (USA)
Michael Stanton-Hicks, MD, FIPP (USA)
Rod Taylor, MSc, PhD (UK)
Terrence Trentman, MD (USA)

Athina Vadalouca, MD, PhD, FIPP (Greece)
Giustino A. Varrassi, MD, PhD, FIPP (Italy)
Christopher Wells, MBChB, FIPP (UK)

Senior Editor
Brian Coughlin

Production Editor
Reshma Razack

Managing Editor
Susan Hartrick

Editorial Assistant
Corey Conroy

WIP Subscriptions Manager
Dianne Willard




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