World Institute of Pain

WIP Welcomes Peter Staats, MD, MBA, FIPP as President

December 21, 2020

Winston-Salem, NC, USA: Today the World Institute of Pain is pleased to  announce Peter  S. Staats, MD, MBA, FIPP as President of the World Institute of Pain (WIP) .  WIP is the premier international organization supporting and training physicians across the globe interested in caring for patients with acute and chronic pain problems.   Dr. Staats has previously served WIP as President-Elect (2019-2020) and Chair, Board of Examination (2015-2019).

“We are all happy that Dr. Staats has agreed to serve as the tenth President for our organization.  Dr. Staats has been deeply involved in the organization since it was founded in 1994, having served as President-elect and Chair of the Board of Examination, and we look forward to his leadership as President,” says Serdar Erdine, MD, FIPP, Founder and Past President of WIP.

Says Dr. Staats, “I am thrilled to accept the position as President, and I look forward to helping meet the mission of WIP.   Considering the scope of chronic pain in the world today, training international physicians how to care for patients with cost-effective approaches is one of the most impactful humanitarian missions our world faces today.”

“Dr. Staats’ wealth of experience in the field of pain management is the prescription for our current organization, and will help the organization grow to the next level,” says Ricardo Ruiz-Lopez, MD, FIPP, Founder and past president of WIP.   

Dr. Staats has served as President of the North American Neuromodulation Society, American Society of interventional Pain physicians, NJ Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and Southern Pain Society.   He currently serves as Chief Medical Officer for National Spine and Pain Centers, the largest network of pain physicians in the United States.  In addition, Staats was the founder of the division of Pain Medicine at Johns Hopkins, where he served as its director for ten years, and has written several hundred articles book chapters and abstracts on the field of pain and neuromodulation.    

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