WIP Honors

Hassenbusch Prize

The WIP President will invite three (3) members of the Executive Board to serve as Chairman of the Samuel Hassenbusch Prize Committee to consider the top three candidates submitted by the Chairman of the FIPP Board of Examination, and select the best candidate among them. This candidate will be awarded the Samuel Hassenbusch Prize at an official function of WIP.

FIPP "Scotty Dog" Tie

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Excellence in Pain Practice Award

The World Institute of Pain (WIP) launched the Excellence in Pain Practice (EPP) Award in 2010 to promote the highest standards of pain practice around the world through a recognition program for Pain Centers.

This program supports WIP’s mission of fostering the exchange of medical science in the field of interventional pain management, encouraging medical research, and creating opportunities for continued learning in the most up-to-date technical procedures.

Trailblazers Award

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